Stained Glass Care

Handling Stained Glass

All stained glass contains lead unless otherwise noted. While it is not it is not unsafe to live with, unless ingested (please don't lick the glass no matter how tempting it may be), it is recommended to wash your hands after handling.

Please keep out of reach of children & pets.


Cleaning Your Stained Glass Piece

Please note: Solder, black patina, and copper patina will naturally age and appear dull over time. Pieces with copper patina will darken to an antique bronze finish. 

While every finished piece is coated with a wax polish to slow oxidation, you have the option to repolish your piece if you feel it is looking a little dull. 

If you'd like to repolish you your piece, you can use some Pledge furniture polish on a soft cloth or paper towel to restore that original shine.

Microfibre cloths are wonderful for repolishing or using to remove any dust or pesky finger prints. 

Please be sure to rest the piece on a flat surface and don't apply too much pressure. For pieces with hooks attached to the back (unicorns), use extra caution when cleaning since the pressure from the hooks may push and crack the glass (I learned this the hard way!) For pieces like this I recommend holding your piece gently while polishing so hooks aren't pressing into the glass. 

Refrain from cleaning with anything abrasive, as you risk ruining the finish and removing any patina applied. (black & copper)  


Hanging Your Stained Glass Piece

I strongly recommend you hang your pieces from secured and stable hooks, screws or nails on your window frame or wall. I do not recommend suction cups - use at your own risk. 

If the provided chain or wire is not long enough, you can replace it with a longer strong fishing line/wire. Please be sure whatever you are replacing it with is strong enough to sustain the weight of your piece.

Not recommended for use outdoors.